Cameron County Tax Assessment

The Cameron County Assessment Office maintains, updates, and revises all real-estate property records and keeps documents of all persons in the County for personal and occupational tax purposes. The Assessment Office also analyzes deeds for revision and updates of property records, issues Clean and Green Act tax relief, and assists the public with maps of the county and personal properties. The real estate property records can be found on the internet at for Cameron County Assessment.

Tax Claim Bureau

The Tax Claim Bureau collects delinquent real estate and school taxes. The Bureau also conducts annual sales of all properties returned to the Bureau for unpaid taxes for which a claim has become absolute and the discharge of tax claim period has expired. Properties may be sold at upset sale.

Office Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm

Contact Information:

Cameron County Tax Assessment Office
20 East Fifth Street
Emporium, PA 15834

Chief Assessor:

Michele Reed
(814) 486-9356
Fax: (814) 486-9399

Assistant Tax Claim:

Danyle Geist
(814) 486 9303





Shippen Township

Jack McAulay

2307 Old West Creek Road

Emporium, PA  15834

(814)486 8185 

Emporium Borough

  1. Michele Brown

117 E. Sixth St.

Emporium, PA  15834

(814)486 3010

Portage Township

Jolene Chilcote

614 Old Portage Road

Emporium, PA  15834

(814)389 5232

Lumber Township

Shirley Sassaman

527 Sterling Run Road

Driftwood, PA  15832

(814)546 2542

Gibson Township

Joanna Mason

80 Mason Run Rd.

Driftwood, PA  15832

(814)546 2608

Grove Township

Shireen Sipe

116 Crestline Rd

Sinnemahoning, PA  15861

(814)546 9192

Driftwood Borough

Kathy Fabin

PO Box 64

Driftwood, PA 15832

(814)546 2518

Cameron County Tax Assessment Forms:

Clean and Green Application  –CLEAN%20AND%20GREEN%20APPLICATION%20December%202013

Clean and Green Transfer – Clean%20%20Green%20Transfer

Data Disclaimer Request –  Cameron_County_Data_Disclaimer_Request_pub

Appeal Application and Procedures – Appeal%20Application%20and%20procedures

Change of Address – Change of Address

Change of Ownership – Change of Ownership2


Zoning Permit –  Zoning Permit