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 Cameron County is the commonwealth’s second smallest in both land area,  at 398 square miles, and population. In 2010 the population was  5,085 making it 8th in class in the state . It was founded and formed on March 29, 
1860 from parts of McKean, Elk, Clearfield, Clinton and Potter counties. Emporium, the county seat, was incorporated into the county October 13, 1864. The county was instrumental
in producing dynamite used in making the Panama Canal. It also produced war munitions for the American
Expeditionary Forces during World War I. As America returned to a peacetime economy, Emporium
became the home of the Incandescent Lamp Company later known as Sylvania Electronics. During
World War II, the proximity fuse was invented in the county to allow bombs to explode at predetermined
levels instead of on impact. Today, the county is the heart of the powdered metal industry.
The county is the birthplace of famous screen and TV star Tom Mix. Another favorite son is Rick Peltz,
federal co-chair of the Appalachian Regional Commission. The flagstone surrounding the tomb of the
Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery was quarried here. The county was one of several to contribute
sharp shooters and is the sight of the disembarkation of the famous Bucktail Brigade during the Civil
War. An outdoor paradise, the county boasts opportunities for hunters, fishermen and nature enthusiasts.
It has a reputation for its natural beauty. It is a great escape for people living the hectic rush of
city life, but residents here call it a “beautiful place to live.” It truly is the garden spot of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania House of Representatives 67th Legislative District

(Cameron, McKean, and Potter Counties)

Honorable Martin T. Causer

78 Main St. 3rd Floor Bradford, PA 16701

Phone: (814)362 4400

Fax: (814)362 4405


Pennsylvania State Senate 25th District

(Cameron, Elk, Jefferson, McKean, and Potter Counties; Clearfield Borough and Bradford Twp) 

Honorable Joseph B. Scarnati

410 Main St. Brockway, PA 15824

Phone: (814)265 2030 toll free (800)222 9190

Fax: (814)265 2040

Email: jscarnati@pasen.gov


Congressman of Pennsylvania’s 5th District

Honorable Glen ‘GT’ Thompson

Washington, DC Office